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Free Breathe Now Samples

Unfortunately, we had to end our 100% free sample offer (after sending out over 40,000 samples).  We are happy to still send you samples, but we will need to charge a small shipping and handling fee of $2.95. 

But! Included in that sample pack will be a coupon for 50% OFF your first full bottle (a $12.47 value, so you still WIN!)

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Breathe Now is:

An all-natural, chemical-free sinus relief supplement that allows you to breathe when you’re suffering from allergies, sinus infections, colds, and even the flu.

  • Safe, ALL-NATURAL alternative to Antihistamines

  • A 20-year-old proven formula that has been updated with the newest nutritional science (hundreds of testimonials available)

  • Feel relief within minutes without side-effects

  • 50% off coupon with sample order to be applied to your first full-size bottle

  • 2 Samples per order, limit one order per customer
  • While supplies last!

*$2.95 shipping applies to USA orders only. A calculated shipping fee will be applied at checkout for International orders.

*Limit 1 order per customer.


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