6 Reusable Bamboo Charcoal Sanitary Pads + Bag

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Why let our feminine products break the bank and hurt the environment? These eco-friendly, super absorbent panty liners / reusable sanitary pads for menstruation come with a carrying bag for convenient and discretionary use. They are reusable, waterproof, and soft. Comes in assorted patterns. May not be the same patterns as pictured.
Each Package Including:
6 X Pcs Panty Liner
1 X Pcs Mini Wet Bag
Mixed Multicolors
1: Panty Liner Size: 18.5*20.5 Cm
2: The Mini Wet Bag Size: 14*18 Cm
3: The Panty Liner Material: 1 Layer Bamboo Charcoal +1 Layer Microfiber +1 Layer Waterproof Printed PUL
4: The Mini Wet Bag Material:Waterproof Printed PUL
Cleaning & Care
1: After use, separate the panty liner from the underwear.
2: Soak In Cold Water, If Desired, To Help Prevent Staining. Use The Presoak Function On Your Washing Machine, Or Soak In A Covered Rust-Proof Container. Change Soaking Water Daily
3: Machine Wash Cold Using A Natural Detergent And Tumble Dry Low Or Line Dry. Do Not Use Bleach Or Fabric Softener. You May Hand Wash Pads If Desired
4: Remove Pads From Dryer Promptly And Store Flat To Eliminate Wrinkling; Use Cool Iron Desired. Store Your Pads In A Clean, Dry Place Until Next Use.

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