1. Oil Cleanser

The K-Beauty double cleanse acts as the foundation for the Korean skincare routine. Cleansers can help eliminate impurities, particularly oils, from makeup as well as sunscreen and excessive sebum. A oil-based cleanser helps to hydrate and soften the skin while other removers of make-up tend to dry or cause irritation to the skin. Cleansers based on oils help maintain your skin’s health and well-balanced.

Oil Cleansers usually come in two forms: oil cleanser as well as cleansing balms. There are many who prefer to one or the other however both are fantastic to make use of. It’s a great idea to test both and decide which one you would prefer!

2. Water Based Cleanser

It is necessary to use a second cleanser to thoroughly remove any dirt from the face, that’s why we have step 2 – the water-based cleanser! Cleansers that are water-based take away any residues that your oil cleanser didn’t remove and also help to remove any residue that remains of the cleanser. They are typically available in foam and gel textures.

Although many traditional cleanser brands are regarded as drying, this isn’t necessarily the situation! We prefer water-based cleansers that hydrate and are balance. To keep the skin balanced and maintain its pH, we suggest water-based cleansers with low pH levels, such as 5.5.

3. Exfoliator

Exfoliators, either chemical or physical, help in cleaning pores and eliminating dead skin cells, which results in smoother and more radiant skin. Depending on the strength the exfoliator, it’s generally recommended to only apply it every week. Certain chemical exfoliants can be diluted enough to be used on a daily basis. It is essential to begin every week and, when necessary you need to increase the amount gradually.

When applying chemical exfoliants it’s especially crucial to make sure you apply sunscreen! Chemical exfoliants, like BHA/PHA/AHA make your skin more vulnerable to sun.

4. Toner

Toners aid in removing all remaining residue, while improving the skin’s barrier and keeping it at a healthy pH. Toners also assist the skin to absorb the substances which are absorbed efficiently.

Contrary to the conventional Western skin toners Korean products for skincare aren’t drying or astringent. alcohol components. Korean toners are typically more moisturizing and less irritating to skin. They are usually applied using a applying a cotton pad and/or rubbing it onto the skin.

5. Essence

The one of Korean Skincare regimen’s most distinctive qualities. Essences are water-based products which are light and loaded with moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging components. They keep the skin healthy, hydrated, and in balance. When combined with toning and cleansing, they improve the effectiveness of the treatment products that are applied afterward.

If your skin is healthy and hydrated, it’s less prone to irritation and dullness. It is also more able to absorb nutrients.

6. Serum

Serums are formulated with potent ingredients to treat specific skin problems such as fine lines hyperpigmentation, dark circles and acne. They’re more concentrated in active ingredients, and are typically more viscous than essences.

Another product that can be used in Step 6 is an ampoule. ampoules are much more concentrated and powerful than serums. While serums are able to be used on a regular basis, ampoules are best utilized once per week or when you require massive outcomes for an occasion.

7. Face Mask

Masks are at the center to masks are the foundation of your Korean regimen for skincare. Sheet masks are an every other week routine that replenishes your skin’s moisture and nutrients. Masks that wash off help to remove deep embedded impurities from the skin while also helping to exfoliate. Sleep masks can provide an additional layer of moisture when you rest.

Making face masks part of your routine will to give your skin a boost, while also refreshing and relaxing to use.

8. Eye Care

Eye patches and eye creams help to protect the most delicate and delicate skin regions while addressing concerns like dark circles, puffiness or fine lines. All of our products for eye care are specially formulated with ultra-gentle ingredients.

We recommend that you use your eye cream every day every day, morning and evening. Eye patches are able to be used every day or as needed throughout the week.

9. Moisturizer

Moisturizers can be found in many types, such as creams lotions, gels, and oils. Some even contain sun protection.

Moisturizers are the final step to lock in the super hydrating ingredients that were used prior to it. Although it can help to introduce more hydration, its primary function is to stop the skin from losing moisture (transepidermal loss of water).

A lot of people prefer using an alternative moisturizer in the morning than in the evening. It’s normal to use the lighter gel moisturizer in the morning and an emollient, heavier moisturizer in the evening. The most important thing is to choose the moisturizer that is best suited to the type of skin you have.

10. Sun Protection

When you start your day You should apply sunscreen over a moisturizer. Choose sunscreens that have broadband protection. This means that they contain at least SPF (UVB protection) and PA (UVA protection).

Sunscreens are typically classified as mineral or chemical according to their active components. Chemical sunscreens contain chemicals that block harmful sun UV radiation. Mineral sunscreens are made of substances that are active and reflect sun’s radiation. Although both can be effective for sunscreens, we generally recommend mineral sunscreens to those who are expecting or have sensitive skin.

Older sunscreens may be criticized due to their white-casting or an unpleasant, chemical smell. But, the latest Korean skin care brands sunscreens have seen a significant improvement. A lot of them blend with skin, leaving no white-casts. They also have pleasant scents (or are scent-free). Additionally, the majority of sunscreens today contain ingredients that are beneficial for skin and are extremely hydrating.

But most importantly! Remember to apply sunblock throughout the day to provide total coverage.