beach wavesbeach waves

The appeal of beach waves is unquestionable. The effortlessly twirled, air-swept curls emit an air of calm and relaxation. While getting the perfect beachy waves may be daunting, using the right tools for styling will make the process a breeze. This article on beach waves will review the most important tools and techniques that will aid you in creating the sought-after relaxed beach waves.

Curling Wand

A highly efficient method to create beachy waves is the curling wand. The wand’s tapered shape allows you to regulate the size of curls. This is how you can make use of it:

Pick the Correct Size

  • Choose a curling wand with an appropriate barrel diameter to match the size you want for your desired curl.

Setting the temperature Setting

  • Set the temperature depending on your hair type, such as smaller and higher for coarse hair.

Curling Technique

Hair is wrapped in small pieces around the wand, leaving ends free to create a natural appearance.

Flat Iron

Flat irons aren’t so surprising; they can help you get beach waves. Here’s how:


  • Start with dry hair and apply a heat protector.


  • Separate the hair into sections to get greater control.

 Twisting Technique

Turn the iron flat when you move the hair. This creates gorgeous waves.

Curling Iron

The traditional curling iron is the most popular choice for loose beach waves. Here’s how you can apply it:

Barrel Size

  • Pick a curling iron that has an extra barrel to create soft waves.

Curling Direction

  • Change the direction of your curls to achieve a more natural appearance.

Waver Iron

The Waver irons have been specifically developed to make waves on the beach. This is how they work:

Three-Barrel Design

  • The unique design of three barrels creates waves quickly and effortlessly.

Setting the temperature Setting

Set the temperature as required for your hair type.

Sea Salt Spray

Using ocean salt is crucial in getting the perfect beach wave appearance. Here’s how it helps:


  • Sea salt spray adds volume and texture to your hair, making it much easier to manage.

Final Touch

  • Spray the hair following styling to give your waves an authentic, beachy appearance.

A Hair Dryer and Diffuser

If you prefer to dry their hair with air, using a hair dryer that has diffuser attachments is extremely useful.

Diffuser Attachment

  • The diffuser can help enhance natural waves and decrease frizz.

Hair Rollers

Hair rollers from the past can aid you in creating loose beach waves.

Damp Hair

  • Put damp hair in the rollers, and then let them sit until the hair feels dry.


If you want to create perfect waves on the beach using the correct tools, they are your most reliable allies. You can choose an iron that curls, a straight iron, a curling iron, a waver iron, or go on sea salt sprays; the secret to success is your technique. Explore, play, and revel in the fun look of beach waves that drift off!


Do I get beach waves even with my short hair?

Yes, you can! Change the dimension of the tool and the method to fit your hair’s length.

What can I do to prevent my waves from slipping out?

Using a good hairspray or texturizing spray can aid in keeping your beach waves all day long.

What’s the best way to make beach waves without using heat?

Damping hair and letting it air dry is a great way to get waves on the beach.

Are these tools suitable for use for any hair type?

Yes, but you must remember to adjust your hair type’s temperature settings and hairstyles.

How do I make the most of my waves at the beach?

You can sleep with your hair loosely in braids or buns to keep your locks in place throughout the day.